Some questions and answers about The Pour Curator

Q: Is your blog just about art and design?
A: I'll look at basically anything that covers the branding and business of craft beer, but it's probably fair to expect a steady dose of design.

Q: What makes you think you can write about this stuff, anyway?
A: I have a degree in art history (useful at cocktail parties, not so much in job market), have written catalog essays and freelance stuff on design, and I curated an exhibition for three years on the art and design of craft beer. As far as I can tell, I'm basically the first person to care about this stuff and do something with it. On the business side, I have an MBA and work with small and mid-size businesses (which almost all craft breweries are), so I'm into it.

Q: Yeah, but are you a designer, and have you ever worked for a brewery?
A: Er... no.

Q: Well then, what can you know?
A: I do my best to talk to people who do know about things, and when possible let them speak for themselves. And in design/art criticism, there's a long history of artistically untalented people speaking on aesthetics. But seriously, it's beer. Just like with tasting the stuff, there's a high level of subjectivity, and people can disagree on matters of taste and even - to some extent - execution. That's why, if you disagree with me, you should say so in the comments section.

Q: Whoa now. You want me to comment on this arty beery stuff?
A: Comments and discourse are greatly appreciated. I do my best to respond to all comments thoughtfully. If my response triggers a response in you, please feel free to keep the conversation going. It's like we're talking, which is what people did before the Internet made it silly.

Q: I like to curse and call people names when they disagree with me. That's cool, right?
A: Please be respectful. No one likes a d-bag. I try and keep this family friendly.

Q: But in one of your first posts, you had boobs. That's totally not family friendly.
A: I take the position that the human form is beautiful and has been a subject for high art for thousands of years. I try and warn people if there's salacious material, but if seeing parts of that form offends you, then art as a whole is going to be tough for you.

Q: I am a robot. Would you please click here so that someone can sell you something?
A: The comments are for people. If you would like to use the blog to advertise your good or service, that's fantastic, and I'd be happy to sell you some ad space. If you think I should write about your event, organization or product, that is also fantastic, and you should contact me at info (at) pourcurator (dot) com

Q: I am a designer or brewery and want to let you know about this thing we are doing...
A: Yes, that's great.

Q: There's this place near my house and they have good beer and their design is pretty sweet. Can you write about them?
A: Sure. I live in Pennsylvania, and our access to craft beer (like everyone's) is geographically limited. Please feel free to keep me posted.

Q: I am another beer blogger and want to exchange links? Do you do that?
A: Sure. But I read other blogs, and comment on them, and link them when they have something cool, so it would only be polite if you did the same.

Q: This sucks, and all these rules are stupid. Why should I read it?
A: Hey, it's free writing. Don't read it if you don't want to. But remember that people used to have to pay for content...

Q: Well if you're a blogger, you must live in your mother's basement and not care about your writing and just print whatever you think without any journalistic integrity, right? Otherwise, you'd have a real job.
A: Andy Crouch, is that you? In all seriousness (deep inhalation of air)... I've been some form of poorly paid journalist since I was 18. I even won awards for it at one point. I take beer, the business of beer, and the work done by the artists at breweries all very seriously, and I take my writing seriously. In today's writing market, the way to get paid for writing is to build a platform, demonstrate demand, and then be good at filling that. That's what this blog is about. I get paid to write about beer on occasion, and that's fun. In the meantime, I have a fairly normal day job and live in a second-floor apartment with my cat.