November 6, 2012

Cleaning Up the Gallery, and Looking Forward to Amber Waves

Happy Day of Elections, Beerfriends. Today we overthrow the government of the United States, and then go have a beer or two.

The last two months have been one recovery after another, from Great American Beer Festival to Hurricane to Birthdays, and beyond, and so the blogging has lapsed. No more. In the coming weeks, you will see here on these virtual pages the following:

  • An entire post about (gasp) Anheuser-Busch
  • A design look at the redone Website of the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
  • A major announcement for the alcohol-loving people of Eastern PA.
And, as they say, much more.

But first, I would like to look forward to an event in the spring hosted by two semi-local breweries, Dogfish and Victory. It is a pairing event, where they pair beer and art, and it is called (aptly, for today), Amber Waves:
Amber Waves Beer Art Event

Breweries submit a recipe, and a piece of art, both of which will be at the event at the CBC if accepted.

This is awesome, and while there is a tiny twinge of regret for me (I always hoped the Design, Drink and Be Merry show would grow into something like this), it is insanely awesome that these two breweries are doing it. I very much hope to get down to the event in March. More and more, we're seeing acceptance that art matters in beer.

Also, slightly sooner on the horizon is the Coast to Coast Toast, the massive day of Belgian Beer celebration by Vanberg & DeWulf. You can see what bars in your area are participating, or perhaps get a local establishment signed up. Of course, the Vanberg interest is obvious, but the reality of the day is less an overt marketing ploy than it is a day to celebrate the (still) unparalleled balance and complexity of the best Belgian beers. It is a GREAT opportunity for you beer evangelists to rope in some wine people who still think they don't like beer. Get them a Saison Dupont or a Posca Rustica, and see what they say.

All right, sorry for the short post after the long absence. It'll all make more sense in a bit.

Stay dry. Stay warm. Stay enfranchised.

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