November 29, 2012

Big News From the Pour Curator

Hi there, Beerfriends.

So, a couple weeks ago, I teased a major announcement or something equally PRific in terminology. And I guess I'm about ready, since many of my readers already know about it.

A couple of times on here and as a commenter on other blogs, I've mused about the bloggers and homebrewers that "go pro." That is to say, they turn their passion into a livelihood, either as a brewery employee or some other paying role in the beverage industry to which we devote so much time.

Well, I'm doing it.

Early next year, I'll be launching The Colony Meadery with a friend and business partner.

We'll be creating bold and experimental meads (beverages produced from fermented honey) at a manufacturing incubator space in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

It's terrifying.

Also, awesome.

If you're interested in supporting us, we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign after the new year. For the moment, you can sign up for our d-list on the page, or you can like us on Facebook to keep up to date with everything. If you've done this before and have advice, I'd love to hear it. If you're local, we'll continue pouring in pre-launch like at the Brew Works festival this weekend. Either way, we'll be trying hard to get delicious mead into your face very soon.

We're still in pre-launch, so we have a placeholder site. As for design... as you might imagine, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so we're still tinkering. Fortunately, we have some time, because federal and state approval takes months.

As for this blog, this means that I'll have more time in the next few months to write every other week or so. Also, I'll be continuing to blog every so often for Men's Health and I'm also pleased to announce that I'll be doing a monthly column for the Gazette van Detroit on Belgian influences in American beer.

I'll try and keep all of this stuff separate, so as not to bore the folk that come here for the art, but I did want to thank you all. The success (such as it is) of this blog is one of the things that has given me the confidence to try this crazy venture. I hope to see you all at our opening in Spring.


  1. That's awesome! Good luck with this new venture! Once it gets up and running, do you think you'll still have time to write for so many different outlets?

  2. I'm going to do my best. It'll depend on a lot of things, but I definitely intend to keep this and the Gazette going. Thanks!