September 2, 2012

The Best and Worst Beer Art of August, Including the New Renderings for Victory

Lots of stuff in the pipeline, Beerfriends, as I recover from a whirlwind August that included one of the best Musikfests I've had, a trip to San Diego, and lots of work.

But first, some art of the month. The first two honor my SD trip. We begin with the Ballast Point Indra Kunindra:
Ballast Point Indra Kunindra Label Design
It's an Export, or decent-size (7% abv) stout with a whole bunch of Indian spices. I had it when I was in SD at the tasting room and it was awesome. Did I mention I went to SD for a big Indian wedding? From a design perspective, what's cool is how BP unified their usual fish/sea critter theme with the traditional depictions of Ganesha, the elephant deity of Hinduism:
The eight tentacles remind us of the multiple arms and trunk, blending the two motifs well. They even get the soft, squinting eyes.

Next is a label that I just find amusing, particularly following a 3-hour flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor to Phoenix Sky Harbor:
Airways Brewing Company Final Departure Label Design

I mean, it's a bit silly, but I enjoy the self-conscious melodrama. Also, I just find a commercial-airline themed brewery to be fully of amusing potential.

In local news, Victory Brewing Company released renderings of its new planned facility in Chester County:
Victory Brewing Company New Brewery Renderings
New brewery renderings definitely count as beer art.
It's going to look cool, no question. But man, that is big. Remember when we used the term "microbrewery"? Good thing we got rid of that.

Okay, now for some bad label art. Our winner of this month's brewery to make the tired analogy to color of a woman's hair is... McCall Brewing
McCall Brewing Lemon Ginger Label Design
Get it? GINGER?? 
They get half a point for it being related to ginger, rather than just a red beer, and negative 50 points for originality and class. Also, that 2-D design isn't a great fit for a full-length view of a woman; it looks a little weird.

DuClaw usually has great label design. This month they have this:
DuClaw Bare Ass Blonde Label Design
I mean, we can let them off the hook because they obviously phoned this one in. And they get some points for not taking the obvious images of blond women or bare asses. Still... Why name a beer this?

Lastly, we have the folk at Bootlegger's Brewery doing a pretty bad imitation of a '60s psychedelic piece:
Don't get me wrong, it is not easy to do a good piece involving tie-dye, a VW bus, and bubble text. It always looks kind of forced and goofy, which is why it's really not a great idea to do it. And if you are going to use three tropes as a kind of cheap shorthand for hippies, you shouldn't be putting some very straight-laced serif fonts over everything. At least they're using QR codes.