November 5, 2011

Best and Worst Beer Art of the Week, from the Makers of Chick Beer

Best beer art of the week comes to us via Oh Beautiful Beer, and it's a private label for Puma by Brewers and Union called Kreechr:

The postmodern-misspelling-slash-Harry-Potter-reference name aside, it's very cool design. Significantly more menacing and foreboding than other attempts at Kraken-releasing booze design. The red tentacles give it a vibrance and activity fitting for an activewear brand, but the willingness to have a big black color field and the small white lettering give it an appropriate off-putting, ominous feeling.

The worst comes from Minhas, the same people who gave you Chick Beer:
Bland, boring, with "feminine" colors and a gratuitous cartoon girl in short flowey dress. Are uptown girls somehow associated with that attire? When I think uptown, I think little black dresses and high-end jewelry; she looks more at home on a patio. Also, I defy you to carry a beer glass like that without dousing yourself in fizzy yellow mediocrity. Lots of floral curls in the background, along with strange washout vertical stripes. A warm sunspot dead center totally defeats the white outline of the red lettering (aslo, the red-orange background doesn't help). There's a hint of serif on the font, but not enough to make it serious. And, just in case all of that wasn't enough for you, we have a factually inaccurate "COOL TO THE LAST DROP !" on the left for no reason at all (I guarantee you, that last drop is only cool if you drink it really fast, which, to be fair, you probably are encouraged to do). I guess Minhas has adopted Coors' strategy of treating "cold" as a flavor.

News and notes:
  • If this week seems light it's because I was celebrating a birthday with good friends and some rather old wine. Yes, I drink that, too, and yes I put that in just to make you jealous. But while prepping I heard a rumor that Weyerbacher is getting ready to unveil their new logo, something a few readers chimed in on this week in response to the post. I'll be watching.
  • For those of you into the PA privatization fight, Lew has been tearing things up over at Why The PLCB Should Be Abolished.
  • Flying Fish, on their move to Somerdale NJ (and nice piece of art trivia by Jeff in there)
  • That whole Dogfish 75 Minute thing was just label text. But we're losing Squall.
  • So I won some swag because of a not-that-impressive but sincere comment I left on the blog of Wolverine State Brewing Co. owner Liz aka The A2 Beer Wench. She just hit 60K pageviews on her blog, and all of them are deserved. As I said in my congrats comment, she is basically the one blogger who both consistently imparts interesting information (about opening a brewery in her case) and never takes herself too seriously. Worth adding to your RSS feed or inbox if you have any interest in the industry or just want something that is guaranteed to be a fun read week in and week out.
That's it for now. Lots of transitions for the Curatorial staff this fall, so thanks for being along for the ride. Have some music, and stay strong.

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