September 3, 2011

The Best Art of the Week, from Pipeworks and Surly

Thanks in part to the Session, this week's Best (no worst) is a short one, starting with this certificate sent out by Kickstarted brewery Pipeworks to their funders, watermarked for paranoia reasons:

Cool, old-timey style mixed with a new-school color scheme. We see hops used well as decorative elements in the Victorian style frame, what appears to be Das Boot filled with beer in front of a tank, and of course pen-and-ink depictions of the founders. Nothing wrong with a little design to tide us over until the beers get here.

As mentioned, there is no worst this week. Instead, we have the new label for the ever-anticipated Surly Darkness.
Every year, as you know, Surly contracts a different local artist for a creepy red-and-black piece to adorn their signature beer. From the release:
This year’s label, indeed, looks nasty thanks to the steady hand of Michael Bergland. Bergland works for MNFX, an agency based in Minneapolis.
It's definitely nasty and in keeping with the horror theme Surly likes to use. A bit on the zombie side this time, with the "They Thirst" on the right referencing John Carpenter's awesomely campy They Live.

Okay, that's all for the week. Next week I promise to post the long-awaited Weyerbacher interview.

This weekend, as you drink delicious beer and possibly see great art and design, remember your long weekend is in memory of the generations of workers that endured violence, exploitation and unimaginable conditions to bring our society that most elusive of keystones: A thriving middle class.

Drink well.


  1. (1) All those white lines webbing the Pipeworks art is watermarking? A little overboard.

    (2) Nice job on the little Labor Day tribute at the end of your post.

  2. Hey, I just saw this and wanted to say thanks and sorry for the excessive watermarking. I stumbled on this post in a google image search and saw the "worst of". Why was my initial thought that someone hated my design so much that they chopped it up and put it back together to make fun of me? Anyway, cool blog and thanks again!

  3. Here's a link to the not chopped up copy!