September 10, 2011

Best and Worst Beer Art of the Week, with Vikings and Floodwaters

So for the best beer art of the week, I give you something with umlauts:
Einstok Icelandic White Ale is something you almost certainly pronounced incorrectly in your head, but from a design perspective, I'm a huge fan. Nice and simple, stark white with a nice ice blue. Semi-serif font is interesting but clean, and the sparseness keeps the numerous other fonts from looking out of place. The simple profile of the viking is dynamic and imposing and even carries some depth with remarkable simplicity. Even though it's a bit close and I would have put it at the bottom, I like the longitude and latitude location of the brewery in Akureyri. I really like the crossed battle axes at the bottom, which make sure you know their hamming up the viking theme for amusement.

And the worst? Well, the worst is not new, but it is new to me, and it is bad. I've several times mentioned the blog Design Your Way, which publishes massive lists of everything from Wordpress themes to billboards. This week, they have up 40 of the "best" print beer ads (some of which are recycled).

In there is this gem:
You stay classy, Fosters.
In addition to the obvious idiocy of this, I have questions about the point. Is the idea that the beer is actually one for less busty, more savvy, older women, who can then look down on buxom blondes? If the ad is for men, is it subtly telling us to look for people in jean skirts at the beach because they might know how to keep beer cold? Is there something going on here that makes this make sense? If that's the case, then the ad's merely uninventive and crass.

What's that? It's so bad you demand more good art? Well, okay.

In yesterday's post, we saw Dan of Small Beer do a nice side by side of Driftwood for us. He also passed along an image of Driftwood's I haven't seen (damn you, national borders and distribution ranges):

A nice Mucha-style image, pulling on some Art Nouveau with a little bit of Art Brut in the text. Sort of like our viking above, giving us a lot of art with few virtual brushstrokes.

That's great, you say, but can you give me something on which to spend my money? Well, sure. The Wench has found some wallets made out beer labels on Etsy. Yeah, but what if I want a shirt that has a bottle-opener on it in the form of a wallet? ThinkGeek. I like the bottle opener, but I'd rather it be wall-mounted with a disturbing-looking bunny form? Sourpuss.

I should really start charging for those links. 

Lastly, my thoughts are with everyone - breweries like Troegs included - that are cleaning up after this week's flooding. If you're in an area that's been hit hard in recent weeks, take some time and money and go patronize a local establishment that's recovering. Some music to play you out:

Have a good, flood-free weekend.

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