September 17, 2011

Best and Worst Beer Art of the Week, and Your 2011 Canfest Contestants

So this week, we've said hello to a new brewing company out of NY and goodbye to amateur breweries. All in all, a full week.

But not full enough.

The best beer art of the week is from two sources. The first is a Scottish brewery called Tryst, of which I became aware through a post on Fuggled. They make a beer called the Raj IPA. Here's the art:
Rudyard Kipling loved this beer.
I can't figure out who did the label art, but I like the color, action and vaguely exotic look they've captured.

Other best beer art of the week is stateside and comes via the Lovely Package blog from the Boulder canning brewery Upslope:
Top Rope Mexican-style lager, according to the blog:
... has been available on tap at Centro for some time now. Centro requested a can design for Top Rope based on the Mexican Lucha Libre Imagery that is used as part of the restaurant decor and promotional materials.
Design is by John Carlson Design, for which I can find no site, but I like the clean, bright use of the Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) mask. 

The worst of the week may seem like kind of a gimme, but trust me, it hurts:

Okay, I love Natty Light. It's a personal history thing, but believe me, I have no desire to demean that fine institution of cheap swill. Still, this sucks. First, "Natty Daddy"? That barely rhymes and sounds ridiculous. What, was "Natty" just too classy by itself? Okay, so then we add the fact the "Natty" and "Daddy" are in wildly different fonts, at different angles, overlapping each other, and only one is what we call distressed (it looks like it's rubbing off). Sure, sometimes contrast is good. Sometimes it highlights elements. Here it looks like Daddy had too many Nattys, then passed out at his computer and his 5-year old son came in to finish it.

Then, we add "PONIES" in yet a third font, which is an all-caps military stencil similar to the "Daddy" font but slightly different. "Ponies" is not a badass word, and trying to make it one leaves one looking silly. We can tell from the fact that the cans are tiny, and from the government-regulated "8 oz" text, that they're small. Was another font, background, alignment and word really necessary? And, now that we're doing this... you do remember that you're Natty, right? You're not Labatt, or Hurricane, or Gatorade, or any of the other brands for whom this label art makes sense. You're the ones who gave us this:
Hotlinked from Ratebeer. It's Natty, dude.
Let's just remember who we are, okay?

Also, the CANFEST Blogger contest is here again. You may recall that my passionate missive about cans last year lost not-so-narrowly to the creative and awesome Lost in the Beer Aisle. I'm not entering this year since I couldn't go if I won, but as a can lover and blog-supporter, here are your contestants:
Voting is open until next Friday. Honestly, this will be tough for me. These represent some of my favorite bloggers, and I like them all. I don't know if I can bring myself to make an endorsement, but perhaps someone will contact me with a compelling bribe case in the next few days.

Three more links for your weekend:


  1. Hey Greg.

    I'll just make my case right here, in public. I think it's simple why you should endorse a DailyBeerReview vote in the CANFEST contest. I vow to carry on the highest-level pursuit of quality art on the can, not just in it! (And you know I read this post too, LOL)! And... I already have the endorsement from Lost (as you noted, last year's winner). I'm pretty proud of that and hope it makes my case stronger. :)

    Here's the link, everyone. Send me to Reno. Please! There is no registration required and voting takes 2 seconds. Thank you!

  2. I cannot offer a bribe, unless my casino winnings are much larger than my losses, but since my beer blogging colleague and fellow Floridian Beer Drinker Rob made his case, I feel I need to do so as well.

    I have never been to a real casino. There, I've said it.

    I've never even been to Vegas. Reno would be a great start.

    Obviously, these are serious drawbacks and could someday cost me my Man Card. I do not want that to happen.

    May the best blogger, or the one with the most votes, win! Please cast your vote for Road Trips for Beer.

  3. That's two excellent cases. Man, this will be tough!

  4. No way! Tryst! Never heard of that beer, but am loving the design. I totally vote Tryst. Freaking tiger on the elephant! That kind of looks like a "liger" actually. Woah!

  5. You know, it does look a little liger-y, now that you mention it. My experiences with big cats are pretty limited, but elephants are huge enough that that seems larger than the average tiger.