August 26, 2011

I Survived the Trail of Beers to Bring You the Best and Worst Beer Art of the Week

Well, beerfriends, I've returned safe and sound from the Trail of Beers, where we did hit 23 breweries in three days. There's a full wrapup coming on my new side-project, details to come, but I thought I'd share some of the art highlights here:
A mural at the Yuengling brewery in Pottsville

The last three pictures were all murals on the patio at Old Forge Brewing Co.

The Old Forge mugs are hand-crafted, with that awesome hanging device for display
More from Old Forge
The Naked Dove logo, in stained glass
Probably the coolest logo we saw
The bathroom hallway at Market Street in Corning

The Inn at Turkey Hill uses old farm equipment in artistic ways.

A cool clock at Berwick Brewing
Okay, onto the best and worst art of the week.

The bad this week is from a brewery I like, New Zealand's Epic Brewing. And it's not so much terrible as it is a cautionary tale:
This is why we do not put light, bright pink on a light gray background. It hurts the eyes. Seriously, I have to keep looking away from this post because it causes physical pain behind my eyes. This is like last week's Ancient Lakes label in the sense that it's a very easy mistake to prevent, and that it might seem small. But just like last week's, you are kidding yourself if you think this stuff doesn't matter.

Okay, now the good, and it comes from St. Augustine's Mile Marker Brewing:
This was in the running for last week's, and then an anonymous commenter on last week's post mentioned it. Now, that person could well be the owner of the brewery, but the piece is still good. It's a little Christian Riese Lassen or, even more, Wyland, in style, with smooth colors and a fantasy-esque color scheme. Yes, the font is a distorted Papyrus, but it's not as bad as some. The art is done by Mile Marker VP of Marketing and wildlife painter Mark Mueller. According to the Springfield Brew Crew Blog, wildlife is heavily tied into the brand and operations of Mile Marker:
With a name like Mile Marker and a sea turtle on their logo you might think that this brewery is eco-friendly. And that would be a good assumption since Mike and Vance plan to support many animal-centric charities. Spent grains will be donated to Diamonds in the Rough, an animal rescue charity that specializes in saving work animals — particularly horses — and nursing them back to health. They also plan to align themselves with sea turtle rescue agencies in keeping with the spirit of their logo.
Especially in a socially-conscious industry like craft beer, actions and sustainability are all part of a brewery's brand, and this sounds like a well thought-out branding effort, from beginning to end. I'll look forward to seeing more of what Mile Marker has to offer.

Teaser: Tomorrow, we look at Funkwerks and the dangers of cultural appropriation.

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