August 5, 2011

Dave Murray's Cubist Beer Art

Via Trendhunter came these insanely cool pieces byToronto artist and illustrator Dave Murray. Murray takes beer cans and bottles of classic brands and depicts them in a style that blends cubism and Pop Art:
A premium beer at popular prices!
Pabst is probably the best piece, art-wise, but I think they're all pretty strong.
How do you say "grrrrr" in German?
Lowenbrau's got a little more Braques than Picasso.
Not craft, but Sapporo is pretty good beer.
He has many others, from Steigl to Stella to 40s of Max Ice. They're available in limited edition Giclee prints for the very affordable $65, or three for $150. Yes, I will probably be purchasing one as soon as I financially recover from all of the Kickstarts on which I've been chipping in lately (Congrats again to Mike and Nate of Wildnerness Brewing). Maybe if we buy enough, we can convince him to do craft ones? Or a Yuengling?

You can see more of Murray's art on his blog here.

Also, this has nothing to do with Murray, but I saw this come through
Surf Brewery has a few beers with packaging, all in a similar style (black, one color negative outline), and I think this is one of the better ones compositionally. I just thought the look was interesting, and particularly could be valuable on cans if the text would be minimized/eliminated.

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