June 27, 2011

Winners, Losers and Hats

First, two beery things won Dieline 2011 Awards, though neither were strictly craft.

New Zealand's Rochdale Cider uses a nice variant of the stencil-on-brown paper look to take home a 3rd place award:

And, in a move I confess to finding puzzling, Miller's High Life redesign brought home a second-place award:
Far be it from me to cast aspersions on the Champagne of Beers, but the stated goal of "[allowing] Miller High Life to move beyond below-premium and reclaim its status as the iconic American beer" is a bit of a stretch. It's fine, but nothing about the rebrand makes me want to spend more money on High Life.

Still, congrats to firms Supply and Landor Associates, respectively. Hopefully, we'll see more craft breweries consider entering their design in these contests in the years to come.

Then, in a press release that featured quotes by Mother Theresa and Calvin and Hobbes, hat retailer Real Deal Brazil (whose wares I guess were worn by Woody Harrelson in Zombieland) announced a new stripe of beer gear that I think I would be remiss if I did not feature.

Behold, the Craft Beer Cap Hat:
 For a closer look at the potential bands:
Nice work, and some caps that even zealots and collectors would find impressive, though this looks very diyable. I could make my own with a drill and about 30 minutes, it feels like (though the hat would still cost money). Still, neat idea. We'll see if see any of these at GABF this year.

Lastly, Adam at Beerpulse last week drew my attention to these new Beck's labels:
As you might imagine, I like these first two. I'm a Warhol fan and I'm interested to see what beers these pop art-inspired labels represent.

Then there's this:
Just in case you thought an art reference had moved Beck's and breweries of its ilk past using nearly-naked women as a main marketing ploy, well... they haven't. Look! It's artistic! Sigh. As one Facebook commenter noted, it will still be Beck's.

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