June 11, 2011

Another Batch of Avery Redesigns

We are almost done with Avery's redesigns, I think. We have to be, right? Just a quick look at three more.

First, the Czar, which will remind us of the previous label updates. First, the old:
Like their other old labels, it looks a bit dated. Here's the new:
As we've seen before, larger central image, a more dynamic frame, and a more nuanced background, combined with the large A logo and the banner for the name. And just as we've seen before, a vastly improved label.

Avery has also redone a couple of their darker, Demons of Ale labels. Here's the old Mephistopheles label:
And here's the new one:
Less drastic difference, but the elements are the same. the angular form is suggested, rather than overt, and the delicate background images add nuance. The best changes are probably the vastly improved lettering and the loss of an unnecessary color.

We see the same thing in the Samael's:

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