April 11, 2011

Some Non-Label Packaging Design Efforts in Beer

I focus a lot on label art, but there are plenty of ways to use good design in craft beer. Thankfully, we're starting to see some breweries take advantage of those opportunities.
We last heard from SanTan Brewing because Boston Beer Company was C&Ding them for selling a glass very much like the Sam Adams one. Turns out the Arizona brewery's design prowess extends into 12-pack cases. Looks like a cross between motorcycle design, splashed with the firebird motif common to the Southwest and used for SanTan's logo. The tabs strewn on the black background let you know that the vessels inside are cans in a stylish way that fits with the yellow sans serif lettering.

Magic Hat, as well, has a new 12-pack holder, and they've kept with their recent musical theme:
The throwback to analog music is nicely nostalgic for those of us who remember the 1970s and '80s, down to the handwritten mix tape label. It's bright and lively and the unwinding tape draws the eye around. They integrate the beer names and brands even better than SanTan by building them in along the bottom of the case.

And then, of course, there are creative package designers working on ways for us to get beer (and other booze) into our face, like the slew of designs TrendHunter has put together.
My favorite one might be MugPub's packaging:
It looks like ice cream or coffee. Design is by Russian artist Ivan Maximov, and definitely is a nice low-key solution to the beer-to-go problem.

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