April 26, 2011

New Bethlehem Brew Works Boards

I had a chance to swing by Fegley's Brew Works over the weekend, and they have some new boards by artist Alex Clare. As with all images shot by me on a Droid, apologies for the quality.

Here are a few that are a bit older.
The Insidious is their imperial stout, and the bourbon aged version this year is awesome. The snake on this board matches Alex's label that he designed last year:
Clare is very good at capturing movement, and the work with the snake is an excellent example of that. Both snakes seem to coil and snap.

I also snapped a shot of their "On Cask" board, which I liked because of the rendering of an old piece of parchment on a chalkboard.
The Brew Works had an IPA launched a bit ago called the Aggressive:
Well velociraptors certainly are aggressive creatures, if Jurassic Park is to be believed. I wish I had gotten a better shot of the lettering, which is a great B-Movie-style font.

Okay, here are the newer ones:
The Pawnshop Porter board is a nice use of juxtaposition, with the pink and green suggesting cheap neon signs, and the hands suggesting a swap of cash, are appropriate for the connotations of most pawn shops (though it's fair to point out there are some very reasonable, even nice ones).

Last one, for the It's Not My Alt, is a Star Wars reference:
Not a bad rendering of Chewy and a caricature of a young Han Solo. I think it's good that Chewy is the one with the beer.

In-pub decoration and art is some of the hardest stuff for me to find, but one of the best areas of opportunity for design-conscious breweries. For all you loyal readers, please feel free to hit me up if your local brewery does anything particularly cool.


  1. Great shots! Thanks for stopping in.
    I'll repost this to facebook!

  2. Oh, heck yeah! I met Alex at the BrewWorks' Drink & Draw - so incredibly talented! Nice to see him get some more recognition!

  3. Hey thanks Greg!! I wish you had told me about this when the article posted, I'm honored and humbled to be headlined! Check me out at www.alexandertheart.com and keep in touch!