March 17, 2011

Brad Hosbach's 2011 Philly Beer Week Shirt

Hey, you all might remember Brad Hosbach, who did a pretty sweet shirt last year for Philly Beer Week's pub crawl, and has the new design out for this year. And it comes on "four different shirts to fit everyone's budget and style needs"

All of the designs play on the PBW's similarity to PBR, or Pabst Blue Ribbon, a premium beer at popular prices that is unlikely to be featured at Philly Beer Week events. Nonetheless, it's an amusing idea, Brad's design makes good use of it, and irony is always appreciated.

These are $15 offering in gray and orange, and a women's tee in pink:

Here's the high-end version, a blue American Apparel shirt for $20

There's also a $12 version. And here's a close-up of the top of the can, with a Liberty Bell tab and a beery reference to the LOVE sculpture
As with last year, when the proceeds benefitted Alex's Lemonade Stand, a portion of proceeds go to a good cause. This year, $3 of every shirt purchase goes to help the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. So you can help designers and animals in need with one purchase, plus you get a cool shirt.

You can get more info at Primitive Shirts or order online at the store.

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