February 26, 2011

Two Corporate Advertising Campaigns by Foreign Beer Companies

From TrendHunter, the Diver and Aguilar "animalistic beer campaigns"

It's big budget and definitely European in, ahem, sensibilities, but as advertising photography goes, it's very good. It manages to be hot without being trashy, which is not that easy (oh, Heineken). What does it have to do with beer or buying beer? Not much, but still it's cool.

And, from The Dieline, the new Tuborg work by Danish firm Wearemega:

What do the designers say?

"Working with Tuborg Green is a dream job. Because Tuborg is a brand in which we, like most Danes, feel we have a stake. Not literally, but emotionally. Tuborg is ours, like SAS, LEGO and the Little Mermaid are ours. Consequently, we have approached this job with as much respect for what Tuborg is as for what it can be. We have tried to find a way of remaining loyal to both. We will start with the label – the Watchmaker. An expressive shape. A round and cheerful shape. A beautiful and powerful shape. Which can even be accentuated. When you isolate the Watchmaker shape from everything else, something becomes clear: It communicates. And in itself it actually already contains the entire Tuborg story."
It's a nice look at how to isolate one shape and use it as the basis for branding, and also a good example of how to limit that branding culturally. I'm not sure that shape would have the resonance in the US (it reminds me of a Mickey's "hand grenade" bottle) that it does in Denmark.

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