February 28, 2011

Pretty Things, Fort Collins Red Banshee, and an Elysian Redesign

This is one of those posts where I have to lump some stuff together to put up a post of labels that are gathering dust.

First, the Pretty Things "Our Finest Regards"
Poem on the back, typically cool and strange art. The guy with the shovel is either very short or the gopher and bunny are woodland creatures of unusual size. The fence in the background forms the backdrop for the poem on the rear panel. I like the somewhat unconventional (not really, compared to most of their artistic decisions, but still kind of) choice of making the ground white and the hollowed-out cellar brown. The color scheme is nice and warm and welcoming, like an alcoholic children's book.

Next, Fort Collins' Red Banshee

It's just good design. I like the lettering, the tilt and off-center composition with the woman's gaze and face directing your attention back to the left, and the use of the woodcut-esque look for the hair and face. The background is a little busier than it probably needs to be, and the gray background is a little more boring than it needs to be, but I really like artwork.

Lastly, Elysian has a new label for the Bete Blanche:

I think this is the old one:
If that is in fact the previous version, then to say this is an improvement is an understatement. First, the deep shade of purple is much more aesthetically pleasing than that bright blue. The picture of the woman in the white robe is well-rendered in a thick, painterly way, and the whole image both matches the color scheme and  creates a warm mood. I even like the tree behind the figure, though I wish the text didn't crowd it so much.

Some news and notes:

  • USA Beer Trends has word of a female-focused film on beer, looking for a small amount of funding through Kickstarter.
  • CNN Money has a nice profile of the Van Winkle craft bourbon brand.
  • Lastly, via Trendhunter, we have something near and dear to many of us: beer that comes pre-packaged in its own brown paper bag.

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