January 13, 2011

Old, New and Slightly Used Labels by Magic Hat

I'll say this for Magic Hat: they're up there with Terrapin when it comes to sheer volume of label art generated, shelved, and re-animated.

First, their Demo IPA, a seasonal only released in select six packs and variety cases this year:
More of a concept than great design, I'd like this more without the "IPA on tour" thing on the left. But I like the hand-drawn feel of it, and it's a nice change that suggests a more rustic, throwback character.

They're also bringing back two beers later this year, the Humble Patience and the Ravel, after six years off:
Allow me to humbly suggest that, after six years, a redesign might be warranted. These are just boring. The Ravel isn't too bad, in a Joan Miro/Alex Calder sort of way (yeah, I call him Alex 'cuz we were tight), but they both lack the movement, dimensionality, or pop we see in some of Magic Hat's better work.

And Magic Hat will can the #9 in the new year:
Nice wavy orange backdrop. I'd like this more if it was one seamless wavy panel, rather than two separate fields. Other than that, they kept the branding elements of their most famous beer intact, but still put a spin on it. I think the #9 will actually be a great can beer, and I look forward to enjoying one when the weather gets warmer.

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