January 6, 2011

The Art of Stone and BrewDog

Inspired by a new collaboration, I though I'd devote a post to arguably the two most aggressive brewers in the craft beer industry, San Diego County's Stone and Scotland's BrewDog

First the art for their Bashah collaboration:
It's a jumble of forms, with the BrewDog logo and the signature Stone gargoyle occupying center stage. The gargoyle in particular is sort of a Where's Waldo figure. Some of the plants probably reference the Tayberry with which the beer is brewed. The constantly flowing and crowded image keeps to the one-color palette usually employed by both breweries.

Stone themselves released the Luck 13astard last year, and the art for it was in last summer's show.
The gargoyle is a lot bigger and a lot more humanized (gargoyleized?). What I like most is the use of the text ("Fizzy yellow beer is for wussies") as a textured backdrop. Like all of Stone's work, it's obviously aimed at young men, but it's typically strong design by Mike Palmer, Jen Knudson and the rest of the art department at Stone.

Two of BrewDog's labels are a departure from their usual punk-inspired, broad-stroke design.

From the brewery release:
The labels are stunning – custom hand-drawn labels from young Scottish Illustrator Johanna Basford. She has also done some other special beers for us.
This is really strong line-driven work. Notice how Basford uses different hashing to create variety in her surfaces. The Russian Imperial is a little more conventional, with a central figure (an pretty cute owl with a crown) and a framed city of onion domes as a background, while the roiling sea of the Old World IPA is a tempest of nautical elements. I love the octopus grabbing the chest.

One last piece that's close to my heart, which is some concept art for a new Brew Dog game based on the Tactical Nuclear Penguin beer:
If you haven't picked up by now, I like penguins. Even ones with radiation fallout symbols above their adorable little beaks.

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  1. Tactical Nuclear Penguin the Game?!? Any more info on this?