December 3, 2010

The Session #46: Corporate Campaigns by Heineken and Duvel Green

So today's Session, hosted by Mike over at Burgers and Brews, is about finding great beer in an unexpected place. Tough to take an art tack on it, but I'll do my best, first by examining a straightforward poster piece, and then by looking at some creative and innovative art worthy of a craft brewery from a large, corporate campaign.

The first piece, a poster and ad campaign promoting Duvel Green, came courtesy of The Beer Student a while back:
Very straightforward dissection of a beer, but I find it very effective. For one, it's marketing both their glassware and their beer with simple, unabashed quality claims. It's a very different look than what we see from most US breweries. It has most in common with the Sam Adams ads. The difference, of course, is that it's primarily aimed at expanding the market, not people who already like craft beer. I think this ad straddles the fence better than Sam Adams, though, since it clearly is using the language of beer (or maybe some wine) aficionados. There's no explosions, no nature scenes, just simple description of the beer.

Here's the entire piece:
Okay, next to my favorite whipping post for bad advertising art, Heineken.

Bogdan Sanu at Design Your Way (who, by the way, really doesn't like it when you try and hotlink pictures) has many pictures of the corporate campaign by Heineken. If you click through, you'll see a range from sexist and witless to boring to really damn cool. I've picked some of my favorites:
I'm a really big fan of incorporating anti-drunk driving messages in clever ads. This one takes a minute to figure out, but it's some nice photoshopping.
Heineken - or their ad agency - does the best when they stay simple. It makes it more than a normal stupid beer ad, and doesn't demean women.

They're a frustrating brewery, design-wise, because they're obviously capable of cool things. Even with nudity, they can be provocative without being profane or chauvinistic. Look at this piece:

Sexy without making me think they only view women as sex objects, which is more than I can say for some of their other work.

Heineken also has done some cool stuff with this illuminating beer bottle:
Okay, so it's a little boring, but the idea for turning the bottle itself into a dynamic piece is a really cool one, and one craft breweries will largely probably not be able to afford.

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