December 7, 2010

More Incredible Art by Lee Verzosa and Stillwater Artisanal Ales

Stillwater Artisanal Ales, which continues to produce incredible beer and incredible art, has some relatively new design work by tattoo artist Lee Verzosa. A look and one can see why he's on the docket for best brewery art of the year:

First, his piece for the Autumnal:
This piece has no dominant foreground image, other than the Stillwater banner. Instead, the label is almost totally an ethos. Sepia tones, a celestial chart, and faded, elusive images conjure up a smokey feeling that easily associates in our minds with fall. Excellent design work of the typeface on the left, which keeps the image off-center. The chart, which is the closest thing it has to a focal point, is hazy and blends in with the topography of what looks like a map behind it.

The Stateside Saison is actually a fairly old label that I don't think I looked at:
Using a grey-greenish tint for the tattoo-like dragon image on the sepia US map backdrop, Verzosa brings the foreground image out without disturbing the carefully crafted feel that Stillwater evokes in all of its labels.

Then onto the most colorful label to date, A Saison Darkly:
Here we start to see Verzosa use more color, branching from the usual earthy browns and greys and into rich blues, greens and purples. The skeleton is remarkably not grisly, especially given his glowing organs. It looks more anatomical/mystical than scary. The flowers around it preserve that serene ethos we saw in the other two labels. A great departure and step forward for Verzosa and Stillwater.


  1. Also check out the labels for Cellar Door, Of Love & Regret, and the forthcoming .existent.

    Lee has always had some pretty cool artwork. I have an old 7" from his ska band from the 90's that I'll be posting sometime in Jan/Feb. It's amazing the contrast.

  2. Also the link in the article for Lee is old, try checking out for his most recent tattoo work

  3. Does anyone know if Lee Versosa sells prints of the Stillwater labels? I've been trying to hunt the information down online to no avail.