December 9, 2010

Creepiness in Label Art by Upland, Lucky Bucket, Pretty Things and Dogfish Head

I know I already did a slew of creepy label art for Halloween, but as I work through a backlog of stuff from the fall, I keep coming across labels that use creepiness well.

So first, the Upland Brewing Company Teddy Bear Kisses.
The font you probably recognize from the Godfather. I don't really understand why the Teddy bear is sitting alone in a dark room so far from the door, or for what his "kisses" might be a euphemism, but I'm a little scared of both. It's a little cute, and a little terrifying, but artistically a nice example of how to create ethos with very little content and a lot of negative space.

Another eerie piece from Upland:
The eerie feeling here comes from the hazy appearance.

And, since we're looking at Upland pieces, here's their piece from artist Norton Wisdom:
There is a whole motif of scantily clad devil babes in beer art that is surprisingly more common than one might think. This is by far the most interesting and evocative of those pieces.
You may recall the large mess of the Red Commie-Grim Reaper-Airplanes label we looked at some time back. Well I'm pleased to announce that one of the collaborators, Lucky Bucket Brewing Co., has a better label for a possibly related evil beer:
Much, much nicer. And, I think, more foreboding. I can't tell if this beer is related to the Collaborative Evil label art we saw before, but it's hard to picture the designers at Archrival, Lucky Bucket's firm, being involved in that mess. As a Steelers fan, I appreciate any black and gold scheme. The use of the stenciled typeface with lettering behind it adds a threatening character underlined by the small skull in the center.

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project is one of my favorite design breweries, and part of why is the Paquettes' ability to dial into the style that we see in old British medieval art.
In this case, the entwining brambles emphasize the bitterness. That coupled with the early style that now strikes us as vaguely unsettling makes the piece a fit for the creepiness post. Here's what I'm talking about with the tapestry influence, by the way:
This is from the Bayeaux tapestry (ca. 11th century). See how the curves of the trees look just like the brambles? Is that just me?

Onto the last label. If Three Floyds is involved, skulls are likely to be found:
This is a collaboration with Dogfish Head, which lends their softer, more painterly style to the punk-influenced Three Floyds. What results is a rather realistic grinning skull, made creepier by its lack of cartoonish character and its distorted shape. The punk and ska comes through also in the typeface.

A few links, none of which are particularly creepy:

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  1. Thanks for the link. I have an addition to the creepy label list though. Pretty Thing's baby tree seriously creeps me out. Fat purple babies in a tree? Weeeeird. :)