December 4, 2010

The Arcadia Redesign, and Vote for Your Favorite Brewery Art of the Year

Arcadia Ales, in Battle Creek, Michigan, recently unveiled a new look for a lot of its label art. 

First, let's look at some of the old stuff:
A little face made of hops in a big field of Kelly Green. Gold woven border brings out the Celtic feel, but there's a lot of wasted space on the right.
That's a squirrel, and now I understand why I've never seen a picture of a squirrel from dead ahead before. It's tough to figure out what it is at first, though that's in part because it's so small and the border is so big. Again, gold woven border, lots of space, not a lot of design.

So let's see what the new pieces look like:
Wow. That's a lot more art for our money. Gone is the dated-looking Celtic motif, replaced by a huge, colorful, nuanced piece. We retain Celtic character with the design in the mouth, but the rest of the art is a wonderful, imposing piece with depth. Even the text has a cool look, forming a nice bottom barrier to the big expanse of green face above it. Even the negative space is managed better, with the grey text field at the bottom serving as a contrast to the verdant work.

What about our friend the squirrel?
Now that is an adorable woodland creature. Rather than sitting in a dish full of nuts, the silhouetted squirrel is holding a delicious-looking acorn and looking out a wonderfully colored forest scene in fall. The canopy of leaves is a lovely mix of reds and oranges, with a purple sky below. The fallen trunk and the standing trees keep the eye moving around the serene image, with a nice restrained font adding to the calm of the scene.

This is great work, and it deserves consideration for the best label art of the year.

Wait, did he write that like it's an honor that actually exists?

Yes, I'll give out a little Pour Curator Award for best label art design of the year, as you can tell from the poll at the top of this site. A couple rules:
  1. It must be work produced this year
  2. It must be produced by a craft brewery in the USA.
  3. I must have written about it here. If I haven't considered something I should, let me know and I'll post it right quick so we can add it to the mix. 
I've put up a few of my favorites in the poll at the top. If you want me to add one, leave a comment or email me.

Yes, I know, I don't have a ton of readers and voters, if our current poll is any indication, and I've only been at this for 8 months. But it's an award for beer art, and lots of brewery artists don't get recognition, so if you've got a favorite design brewery, make sure I get them on the poll, then spread it around and get out the vote!

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  1. I love the new nut brown label. I always thought Arcadia labels were pretty drab. These are so much better! I don't have any nominations. If you don't get a big response, maybe you could nominate ten and then we vote. - Brian