November 18, 2010

Stacey George's New Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet Label Redesign

So you may recall a post I did on the Clown Shoes art, which I generally liked, but found one piece a little tough to look at. That piece was the Hoppy Feet Black IPA:
Sorry about the lousy quality. But you get the picture; kind of loud, a little creepy. Not bad, exactly, but not pleasant.

Anyway, the artist of the rest of Clown Shoes' oeuvre, Stacey George, emailed me to let me know they were changing the label art. It now looks like this:
Even better, the brewery blog posted process art and explained the thought process.
Why a new label? The original Hoppy Feet label never got where I wanted it to go.  The beer was ready, we needed to dress it up, so this is what we used. Some people dig it, but the circus feel and color scheme aren’t what I wanted. Alan Pearsal is a terrific artist.
That about sums it up. So let's look at Stacey's process art. First, the sketch:
Nice foreshortening on a basic image, and the shoes, rather than being larger than life, are now farthest away and small, but remain the focal point, even with no color.
When we add some color, we see the shoes as a real focal point. We see the beginnings of a cityscape that wasn't in the final design, and the colors are predictably bolder than in the final product, in part because there's little to no shading. Still, the image already has the tone of a relaxed, realist piece.

So why no cityscape?
Because nature rules.

EDIT: Because Stacey mentioned it below, I thought I'd share the Pecan Pie Porter image:
She called it Norman Rockwell, but I'd go more Winslow Homer:

Either way, I'm all for more American Realism in craft beer label art. Thanks, Stacey!


  1. Thanks for the great post, Greg. I'm glad you like the revisions. The reference photo for the sunset is the view from my porch, and the model for the illustration is my son, so I especially like this label.

    Have you seen our new Pecan Pie Porter? Very Norman Rockwell meets Clown Shoes, and the beer is good too! Hope you can check it out, it's in limited release for Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

  2. You know, I almost threw that label in this post, but saved it for later. Way to ruin the surprise, Stacey!

    Just kidding, I was probably being lazy. I'll post it in here now...