December 23, 2010

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery's Retro Aviation

Blogging, whatever some might think of it, is like many avocations in that it becomes difficult to do it with the consistency you hope. Two weeks ago, I had a great system, a ton of posts scheduled, and absolute confidence that I would have tons of December posts to finish the year strong. Then my car died, work heated up, I got sick, and 13 days quickly and I haven't written squat or even gotten on social media for more than a minute. That's life, I suppose.

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery in Redlands, California, is named for the airport to which it is adjacent, so the airplane theme was probably a gimme for their designer. The clean nostalgia of their retro theme was not.

First, the logo:

Simple and clean, if nothing to write home about. The barley grains are a nice subtle element that make the logo resemble pilot wings. The marbling effect of the logo gives us a hint that this is going to be a throwback type of design. As we'll see in their labels and six-pack holders, the sepia toning and deco simplicity only add to this.
The alt bier keeps everything very earthy. The color and the propeller airplane, rendered in layered two-dimensional simplicity, evoke a feeling. There's also some nice work here compositionally, using the vertical of the lamppost and the diagonal of the plane to draw the eye up from the denser bottom of the work.
The orange wheat is (spoiler alert) orange, with a nice couple shades of green used as a complement. Again good composition, this time with the vertical element being the orange tree on the left. The one criticism is that the mountains blend into the weirdly two-toned sky, but it's pretty minor given the strength of the design overall.

The pale ale is the most simple design, with a central plane splitting a couple clouds over a mountain range and  a radiating sun (a motif that is used in many breweries' art, from Midnight Sun to Victory Brewing). In this case, the artistic decision is to tilt the plane, adding some movement to what would otherwise be a very static and boring look. Instead, it conveys the  feeling of serenity and majesty of flying into the sunset.

A few things to check out if you've got the time this holiday season.

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  1. I never had the fortune of boarding a 747 Jumbo Jet. It would be nice to ride it on flights to manila.