October 4, 2010

More Excellent Design from Just Beer

Ugh, there has been too much to do and not enough time to blog. I missed a Session on Friday; that's how bad my schedule has been.

Okay, enough excuses.

I'll take a quick look at two more labels by Just Beer, who take really stripped down design to an extreme. Unlike some of the other labels, these have one color.

The first is the Horseneck Inspired Pale Ale.
This is an example of why Just Beer's label design is among my favorite (though their Website drives me up a wall). With just use of line and a little bit of black space they've crafted a compelling, intricate, detailed piece that is interesting to look at. The hops in the horsehead add a dimension and depth to the piece, along with the slanting and kerning of the handwritten text. Meanwhile, the beige background makes the piece more subtle than stark.

The Saison label obviously plays on the Japanese flag, but the dominant design decision is the font of the lettering. The thick, dripping brushstrokes call to mind a rawer version of the calligraphic style we've seen in everything from kung fu movies to hibachi steakhouses. The Jackson Pollock-meets-Ralph Macchio look gives it a nice combination of life and restraint.

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