September 7, 2010

Vote To Send Greg To CANFEST

So remember that post I did about Why I Deserve to Go to CANFEST? Well now you can actually vote for me! The poll is up, and the Buckbean people have assured me that it will be a fair vote.

I'm not linked on Buckbean's blog as a friend. :-(
And as a shameless electioneer, I really do want to win, get free airfare, and go drink canned beer while talking about the intricacies of can design. So I want your vote.


Entry essays are here. Please only vote for me if you actually think my essay is the best. Otherwise, vote for the person whose essay you like the most.

Look, let's be honest. I have little chance. I'm up against some big-time beer bloggers like Lost in the Beer Aisle, the Beer Snob, and the Beer and Whiskey Brothers. When Josh at Lost mounted his GOTV effort, It took over Twitter for an hour. I have been at this blogging thing for a few months; I am outgunned.

As far as I can tell, everyone in this race is cool, and I won't feel bad if and when I lose, because it's a great thing Buckbean is doing and someone cool will go. But I actually do think I made the best case for why I should go. Some others threw out the "hey, I like beer and couldn't think of a good reason but vote for me anyway"... They're good people and all, but we're writers in a writing competitive and that frankly is weaksauce. I at least made a case, and I think a creative one. So if you agree, go here and vote for me. If I go, you readers will reap the reward in the form of many pictures and stories. I will reap the actual reward, true, but I promise to get some good stuff for all yinz to read and ogle.

I appreciate all your support.

Okay, so there's some actual content here:

  • Did some Philly suburb beer touring yesterday. Victory Brewing has some pretty cool hand-carved tap handles. When I tried to ask who does them, I was told "Some guy named Chris." All further attempts to learn about this were roundly ignored. If anyone knows more, please let me know.
  • Always good stuff from Jay Brooks, including video art of Guiness and Toulouse-Lautrec.
  • Pretty cool stuff on a musical beer bottle. Designer Matt Braun puts tunes on the label of his Tuned Pale Ale.
  • Check out the virtual beer tasting tonight. I hope this whole virtual tasting thing takes off, maybe during Monday Night Football. I might try and host one. Just really cool idea tying social media and craft beer.


  1. Greg:

    It's true. I took the afternoon off from work and went on the offensive contacting my network and asking for their vote. I truly believe I deserve the votes for my creative and entertaining entry (although I'm slightly biased).

    I agree that it is a shame to be up against such great beer folk. I wish we all could go!!!

    Best of luck Greg.


  2. Cheers man, everyone in the competition deserves to go. All trash talk and electioneering is strictly in good fun.

    Actually, your efforts really showcased for me what a successful blog/socmed career can be. Your network really responded in a way that was frankly cool as hell.

    Thanks for giving us newbies something to work toward, and best of luck to you!

    PS for those of you that have managed to find this blog but haven't seen Lost in the Beer Aisle, go check it out; there's some great beer writing there.