September 13, 2010

Congrats to Lost in the Beer Aisle!

Thanks to all of you who voted for me to go to CANFEST. I was this close - if by "this" I mean "not very" - receiving a little more than 5% of the vote, which put me just ahead of Jim at the Beer and Whiskey Brothers, who was kind enough to engage me in trash talk.

All congratulations to Josh at Lost in the Beer Aisle, whose entry was unbelievably creative and awesome. Check it out:
Not hard to see why he won. As I mentioned in a previous post, it probably also helped that he is generally a great beer blogger with a massive social network that he deployed with surprise, fear and ruthless efficiency to destroy the competition. Scott at the Beer Snob finished second. Final results are here. Cheers again to Buckbean for hosting this competition and to everyone who got involved, because this is cool stuff.

And to everyone who voted for me, again, thanks for your support. Hopefully, Josh'll get some good photos of canned beer for me to ogle and critique.

A few notes before I sign off for the day (I promise, actual art stuff coming this week):
  •  Ali Spagnola has posted the painting she did for me, and I love it, though she referred to beer as a "low class beverage" which, even in jest, raises my hackles. Plus, the title I got was "This is Only a Speculation as to What Happens Behind Closed Igloos," and Jay Brooks' painting got "Like Cupcakes Mixed With Unicorns." Am I sensing some hidden sphenisciphobia on the part of Ali? All kidding aside, if you haven't emailed her and asked for free art yet, I don't know what you're waiting for.
  • Speaking of, Jay Brooks has a comic book rendition of the Brewmaster's Castle evocative of German expressionist artists. It's $6 including shipping, which means you can afford it.
  • Some entries in the design contest are in, including these two baseball themed pieces by Roger and Christy Patrick. As a huge baseball fan, I love these. They remind me of the negro league paintings by Dane Tilghman or the cover art for some of W.P. Kinsella's books.
  • It has come to my attention that, for a blog dealing with art and design, mine looks pretty plain. While I lack the time and money to actually develop and manage a full site, I'm open to any suggestions on some easy redesign ideas compatible with Blogger. I'm also thinking about joining the crowd switching to Wordpress, and I'd appreciate any advice yinz have on that. My only request: Please keep advice specific. "Blogger sucks Wordpress rulezorz" would be an unhelpful contribution, albeit an amusing one. I also would like to get a logo. Brooks has one that rules, and I'm jealous (Yes, all right, it's Brookston Envy Day here in the Gallery). So let me know if you have any bright ideas on this. I am also poor, so, while I would appreciate the sentiment behind a "my friend is mad talented and can make you one for $1,500" email or comment, I would not be able to patronize your mad talented friend. Things I can do in payment include: Buy beer, thank him/her publicly on a blog, be grateful, trade in-kind services, cook.


  1. Thanks for the kind words about my entry. I really did work my ass off on it.

    Too bad we all couldn't win!!


  2. Had to look up "Sphenisciphobia." Fear of penguins. Got it.

    So there's one way you're like David Foster Wallace. It's helpful to have a dictionary nearby when reading. Which is interesting, given that your blog is about a low class beverage.

  3. haha! i was quite hesitant to call it a low class beverage but i couldn't help thinking how funny it was that penguins thought they were too good for beer but secretly drank it.