August 9, 2010

The Philadelphia Beer Scene Poster and Dundee's Creatures

Wow, it has been two weeks since I blogged, and I was on such a roll there for a while. Such things will happen when you launch a major program at work, I suppose.

Things should be settling down soon, but I needed to crank out at least a quick post so I can feel like I'm still a member of the beer blog community (you know it's busy if I miss a session blog!)...

Local Philly artist Andrew Loder has created a poster celebrating the beer scene of Philadelphia:
They are available, appropriately, at the Philly Beer Scene Magazine store. Signed and numbered for $15.

As you can seem he uses the Where's Waldo effect to put in "all" the Philly area breweries into the work. I like the piece, with its autumnal color scheme and scavenger-hunt appeal, but I confess to wondering how one gets to be considered a Philadelphia brewery by Loder's standards. Easton's Weyerbacher is here, but not the Fegley's Brew Works (which are in Bethlehem, closer to Philly). Stoudt's is here, and Lancaster, but not Union Barrel Works. Maybe, if they're not in the city of Philadelphia, then they need to bottle (Fegley's bottles only locally)? But then where is Earth Bread Brewery, which is in the city? I'm confused as to how someone makes the cut for this poster. Still, it's good work and I'll probably buy one.

It's summer, so crisp easy-drinking session beer is in demand in my apartment. Thankfully, I've got Dundee, who sells a variety pack (or a case of their quite palatable IPA) for about $24 in Pennsylvania.

No, it will not bowl you over with zaniness. No it will not get you drunk in one beer. No, it will not blast your tongue off with hops. Yes, it is awesome. And the Dundee summer pack added two beers, featuring more of its Norman Rockwell-esque figures, appropriate for summer drinking:
Who doesn't want to drink a beer with dancing crickets in striped outfits?
Likewise, a wolf happily serving me beer and a massive sammich is difficult to turn down. Especially when it's a Kolsch. All right, at 5.6%, it's nothing like a session beer, but the summer wheat clocks in at 4.5, and not a single Dundee beer in the pack clears 6.3% (which seems low these days). Also, it's worth going to the Dundee site for larger versions of the critters and characters on the bottles (look at the beer style of your choice, then click the text box next to the cartoon).

No great art, but it's okay to like things that are cute and easy every now and then.

Man, maybe I am overworked.

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