June 22, 2010

Twisted Pine's Le Petite Saison Label

When I was in Colorado for last year's GABF, I had the opportunity to get up to Boulder and visit all 16 breweries there at the time. One of the winners, from both a beer and art standpoint, was definitely Twisted Pine. 
Twisted Pine has a basic label that looks like this:

Not particularly stunning, but the combination of the simple elements would lead it to jump off a shelf while remaining approachable. Many of the beers use a permutation on this.

They also branch out, such as with label art like this (Ignore the promo stuff on the right):
Or the art for the quite spicy Billy's Chilies, which was successful enough to adorn a cycling jersey:
You get the picture. Simple, clear, effective. Their new summer beer, Le Petite Saison, is no different. Here's the design by former brewery employee and now freelance artist Tyler Hale.
This design is in keeping with Twisted Pine's clear, defined color fields and simplistic style. The color palette is even more limited than usual, sticking to two colors and only one small monochrome figure. The lettering is not revolutionary, but the cross-fading of coloration keeps the image interesting from top to bottom. Summery, simple, and interesting, just as any good saison should be.

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