June 15, 2010

Epic Brewery's Opening Label Art

Utah's newest brewery is called Epic Brewing, and it opened late last month. Their label art is a nice blend of sleek design and photography. Here are a few of the standouts from the line.
The 825 State Stout might be my favorite. The use of the black-and-white photography of the dilapidated beer sign next to the red-black lettering and the wood imagery conjure some feel of a brewery building a contemporary image that's still steeped in history. The gray inlaid bottom bar with the industrial style brings the two panes together. The template is used for their whole Elevated Series.
Anyone who names a beer - and an IPA, no less! - after Robert Smithson's most famous work is okay by me. The earthworks artist was a pioneer of postmodern art, and his sculpture into Salt Lake City is a piece I want to see before I die. I also like the use of the sunset palette and the painterly look to it. Here's what Smithson's piece looks like from a more traditional view:

Onto the Galloway Porter Label:
I mean, cows are just great subjects for art. Look at the facial expression on the main one. The way his (pretty sure that's a bull) head is cocked gives it a nice asymmetry that balances the smaller wood field on the left.

Ed: Just saw an old post by beersage about the Epic Exponential Series. Labels are monochrome pastel on cream, and all look something like this:
Nice, clean, easy to read. But isn't this a lot of offerings for a new brewery? That's three series of beers.

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  1. Greg,

    That 825 State Stout label is superb - thanks for sharing. The Experimental Series label is the only one that really looks out of place from the rest of the collection (in my opinion), although that might have been the intend.