May 27, 2010

War, Peace, and Tom Selleck

Three labels today as I try and clear some backlog.

The Dogfish Head Namaste, which is the traditional Indian greeting of peace.
The skeletal figure making the clasped hands gesture associated with the greeting has a fantastic-minimalist look. More Buddhist than Hindu in aesthetic sensibilities, but still could be subcontinent.

On a less peaceful note, we have a beer named after a bomb:
The Half Acre Beer Co. Double Daisy Cutter/Doble Cortador matches military-style stripes on the border with two-headed donkey with a sombrero ridden by a large munition in a field of daisies. Beersage at reports that the image took the artist only two days, which is pretty impressive.

And what goes with war and peace more than Tom Selleck?

Sweetwater Brewing has launched a beer to commemorate the anniversary of Magnum, P.I.
Titled the "Magnum, I.P.," the two-color label includes the Hawaiian shirt, the baseball cap, and of course the chest hair. Fun, nice use of limited colors, and a subject of great historical importance.

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