May 30, 2010

Philly Brewery Design: Yards and Manayunk

A couple weeks ago, as a sort of warm up for Philly Beer Week, I went down to the City of Brotherly Love and visited a couple breweries.

The first, Manayunk Brewing, can not possibly be done justice in pictures. First, the area of Manayunk is like an adorable arts town dropped on the Schuylkill River inside the city limits. So then add great beer, awesome art on the walls, some seriously good food, and you can see how, on a nice day, it might be pretty close to this Pour Curator's heaven.
This is the entry to the brewpub, which is in an old industrial building.
The walls of the brewpub are adorned with paintings of jazz icons. While no one could tell me the names of the artist(s), I'm a fan (disclaimer: I do have a small collection of art of jazz musicians, so I'm biased). The scale of this mural is impressive.
This is the outdoor mural on their sizable deck. Again, points for sheer size.
My buddy and traveling companion Russ shows exactly how nice the view from the Manyunk Brewing deck is. On a nice day, it is easy to see how some of us consider Philadelphia to be among the best beer cities in the nation.

I also got a chance to visit the (relatively) new tasting room at Yards Brewing Co. You'll get a chance to see Yards' label design work in the show, but their interior design work is something else entirely.
(Note: I didn't take these pictures, they were provided by Yards' people at Paragraph Inc.)
As you can see, the tasting room is spacious and bright, with banners of the artwork hanging from the rafters. Through the windows on the right, the brew house looks shiny and enormous (for a craft brewery).
On a non-art note, if you get down to Yards (and you should), try some of the $3 grilled cheese options, like swiss and mushrooms on pumpernickel. Seriously, stupidly, incredibly delicious. Just make sure you get a beer, like the Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce or the Brawler, that can stand up to the flavor.

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