May 8, 2010

New Label Art from Short's Brewing Company

Northern Michigan's Shorts Brewing Company has announced that it will be bottling a couple of beers in the coming weeks, the Noble Chaos and the S'more Stout.
I know some of their label art is done by natural artist Fritz Horstman. There's no official word on this (when, oh when, will we start crediting artists on the labels?) but I know he did the art for their Soft Parade:
It looks similar, and the style definitely fits the simple, almost children's-book style of the brewery's other labels, as does the S'more label:
Soft watercolor-y color schemes with large swatches of mellow colors, and simple lines to define the figures. Very similar to some of the work by Jean de Brunhoff of Babar fame:
Just in case you think it's an insult to be compared to a children's book, I mean this as a form of fairly high praise. Brunhoff was a very successful illustrator, and it wasn't because he couldn't draw. His images, like those of Short's Brewing, evoked a magical feel that entranced young readers. Obviously, the market for Short's art is a bit older, but in my opinion we never outgrow the desire to be taken away to a fantastic place by a piece of art. Since a great deal of drinking craft beer's appeal is escapism, the thematics make pretty good sense to me.

As usual, a couple of these images come from

I missed this in the original post:
Kalamabrew at mlive has some more details on more Short's labels coming out, including the Sustenance Black Beer, the

The Smoked Apple Ale:
And the Black Licorice Lager:
The biggest thing is that these all reinforce the identity of a brewery with imagination that befits the fantastic artwork. Smoked apples, licorice, graham crackers, and words like "sagacious" and "splendor" on the labels... Yeah, Brunhoff would be proud.

I guess I need to visit Michigan soon.

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  1. > Smoked apples, licorice, graham crackers,
    > and words like "sagacious" and "splendor"
    > on the labels...

    Do you need a college degree to drink it?