May 13, 2010

J.J. Bitting's Brewery Design

On the aforementioned Woodbridge, NJ, beertrip, I also got the chance to see JJ Bittings, a brewpub in an old train station. Since it's a brewpub, it has no label art, but it does have some great interior design. I grabbed a couple shots.

The first one, though backlit, gives you a sense of what it looks like to look up from the bar area on a sunny day. The brewhouse is on a loft on the third floor, and the layout of the place allows you to see up into the rafters. In nice weather, it looks spectacular enough that if the bartenders were blue it would resemble a scene out of Avatar.
Also, I'm a fan of the carved-wood tap handles.
This is just a big piece of folk art hanging opposite the brewhouse on a massive brick wall over the second floor.

Again, it's hard to capture in still shots, but the interior design (and very good beer) make it worth the stop for beer road trippers.

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