May 13, 2010

Avery Brewing's Updates to its Labels

Thanks to the beersage at, I've got a nice lineup of images of Avery's new label art.

First, let's look at the White Rascal. Old design is first, new one second.

So as you can see, the main artwork didn't change much. Instead, they've updated the backdrop on the label and made the framing more sharp and vertical. The lettering has also been made sharper, larger and more central, and the "Avery" has been updated to the A logo. The orange is scrapped, and an old-style building is now the main background image behind the necessary legalese and text.

Onto the Karma:

In this one, a sprucing up of the deity image accompanies many of the same design updates seen in the rascal. More detail is apparent in the swirls of the blue background.

Same dog, similar backdrop changes. Rather than that bright blue, there's a soft earthtone background with shading around much more of the dog.

Well, the world hasn't changed, but everything else about the label has. The brown palette and old-style lettering accompany waves on the backdrop and the structural changes we've seen in the other designs.

They've taken a sizable chunk out of the image for this label, and the change to the label background is the addition of subtle candy stripes. Lettering's the same, but the color is now white.

The Out of Bounds Stout has what appears to be the same image, but now there's an ice blue and mountains instead of the plain black.

For some reason, there aren't a ton of hi-res images of the old label, but you can see it's still the map with a nice deep green and verdant-looking hop vines replacing the drab background.

All in all, this is a pretty good example of how to update a design without reinventing the brand. And honestly, every business should be doing this every five-to-seven years, because our cultural aesthetics change. The old labels, especially when put next to the new ones, do look dated, just as the new ones will in 2016 or so. And the decisions, like making the frame sharper or changing the color and lettering, may seem minor, but all together they can freshen up appearances incredibly. Good work by the design team.

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  1. I certainly agree - the revised design really cleans up the labels and makes it look more contenporary. Great post.