April 21, 2010

Two New Labels From Terrapin's Side Projects

Two of Terrapin's new releases are Volumes 11 and 12 in the Side Project series, a double IPA called Hopzilla, and a Bavarian Imperial Lager titled, amusingly, Boom Shakalager.

Both are extremely busy, which is a little different from some of the flagship labels, and neither feature the turtle prominently.

Wow, that is a busy image. There's a tank and a giant lizard and a field of hops (I think), and lots of text going in and over and around and getting eaten by the imagery. The dude in the tank is drinking a Terrapin beer (very meta), and appears to have an abnormally long arm.

Germans! Lederhosen! Ricola! Little-known fact: playing a tuba in fields of grain gets a Teutonic blond chick bearing cleavage to bring you mugs - nay, steins - of beer.

Neither of these are particularly ambitious artistically, but they're fun and the big circle with the volume number keeps them from being totally divergent. Definitely guilty of some machismo, though.

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