April 14, 2010

Recycled Enameled Bottle Glasses

The guys at Hop Talk have linked to Makers Market, where one can buy glasses made from Rogue Stone Arrogant Bastard bottles:
 These are awesome, and especially because they provide an easy plug for my show, "Design, Drink and Be Merry", which exhibits the best art in the craft brew movement every year at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts. This year, on June 26th, our hot glass shop will be selling similar glasses, made from a wide variety of craft beer bottles.

If this type of thing is up your alley, we have a deal for you: Give us a case of empties any time between now and June (12 22oz bombers or 24 12oz bottles), and we'll give you a glass for free. For details, you can email beer@goggleworks.org. The bottles must be painted or enameled, of course, so think Rogue, Stone, Red Stripe, Speakeasy, etc.


  1. Cool site.

    I believe this beer is brewed by Stone, not Rogue as noted above.

  2. Quite right, my apologies for that embarrassing error. I fixed it in the post.