April 6, 2010

Pretty Things artwork in Jamaica Plain

One of the Pour Curator's favorite sources of beer art is Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project in Cambridge, Mass.

For those of you within shooting distance of Jamaica Plain, MA, their newest batch of label art will be shown at a local bistro starting tomorrow, through May 10.

One of the things that I look for in a brewery is not just the quality of design work that comes out of it, but how much the artwork itself is a part of what the brewery does. Do they think of it as just a means to selling more beer, or do they actually see the art and design as an opportunity to do new and different things? By that standard, Pretty Things (which operates nomadically under the not-politically-correct term "gypsy brewery") is one of the industry leaders. Exhibiting the label sketchwork and art at a local bistro? That's good stuff.

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