April 17, 2010

New Lost Abbey Veritas 007: Framboise de Amorosa

Beernews.org has a "bootleg" image of the new Lost Abbey Veritas series offering, the Framboise de Amorosa.

The picture, clearly taken on a phone and sent from the brewery rep, has a bit of glare, but is definitely good enough to make out the hedonistic imagery of the label. This work owes a lot to the Italian Renaissance,* with the cherub, the reclining woman, and the drapery of the curtains and bedstuffs. Even the composition is Renaissance, with the two figures in the bottom two corners and the lady on the bed/Lost Abbey cross forming the triangular layout that was supposed to call to mind the holy Trinity. Which is odd, given the sensuality of the work. At first blush, this is more Venus of Urbino than Madonna of the Meadows, but I have to hand it to Tomme Arthur and the Lost Abbey art department; they've managed to combine classical themes into a cohesive picture. And they did it on a beer label.

* On how many beer blogs will you find that sentence?

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