April 28, 2010

New Brewery by Founders of Sprecher Has Some Great Artwork

Randy Sprecher, founder of Sprecher Brewery, has a new side project called Chameleon Brewing Company. And I'm a big fan of their opening batch of artwork.
That's the logo banner on the site. Already you can see there's more color and depth than most breweries put into their logo. Of course, that level of detail might lose something as it gets adapted to smaller marketing pieces, but you have to like the happy multicolored lizard.

There's also the first three beer labels. According to the brewery, "packaging design inspiration for the Chameleon line of beers came from Packaging Manger Kecia Sprecher. This was a collaborative design effort with Graphic Designer Krista Fornear, making the inspirations come to life."

The Witty Wheat has the chameleon (now blue) reading while a massive deluge of froth pours out of a brew kettle.

In the Fire Light, the chameleon's now orange and blending into flames. Fireworks in the back keep the warm color fade background interesting.

See, the Hop on Top might be my favorite, just because hops are so overused in beer label art, and this is actually a new spin on them. The chameleon's back to green and intertwined with the lettering as he jumps out from the batch of hops.

According to the site, the new brewery will be focused on producing beer that is designed "to please and tease a wide variety of palates, Chameleon beers are light in body, yet full of complex flavors and aromas." So the artwork's playful and detailed tone makes sense as the visual identity of the beer.

It's particularly cool coming from the people who did Sprecher's old-fashioned Germanic Imperial design. The look is so different that one never would have guessed the same family was behind it. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing what other design comes out of this project.

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  1. Re: the logo banner for Chameleon Brewing... the way the lizard is used to create both the "o" and the "n" is fairly brilliant.