April 17, 2010

Just Beer's Simple, Elegant Design

Westport, Massachusett' Just Beer has a new series of beers coming out, each with a distinctive black-and-gray text-based design to go with the new bottle art.
The Elephant Rock Bock design uses negative space defined by big, bold black letters. The fairly adorable elephant looks dwarfed by the enormous font, lending a sort of thematic irony. But the real beauty of this design (and the next two) is how clean and easy to read the design work is.
The thing I like most about the Golden Flounder design is the massive shadow cast by the flounder. It definitely adds to the slant of the lettering to make the font look massive and imposing. The thing I like least is the runningallofthewordstogether thing they do at the bottom. That's in that category of stuff that was possibly cool the first time someone did it, but now just makes something hard to read.

The last design, the Mamie Battleship Ale, uses a stark black outline of a battleship over military stencil outlines for font. Like the others, simplicity is the major virtue, portraying a starkness and elegance that makes sense for a brewery that focuses easy-to-drink session beers. All in all, I think this is solid design work that shows how well basic elements can be used for compelling style.

1 comment:

  1. I think the "Elephant Rock Bock" art is the most successful of the three. The elephant appears to be swimming because of the wave shapes, which leads the viewer (or, at least, this viewer) to go, "Huh?" in a good way.

    I totally agree about the words running together. It also doesn't appear to be grammatically correct, unless you know your beer terminology, which I clearly don't. (I do, however, like the artwork.)