April 27, 2010

Free State Brewing's New Labels

Beernews.org has great images of the newly approved logos by Free State Brewing Co. in Lawrence, KS.

The Oatmeal Stout label has a nice soft texture to it. I like the color palette, and the impressionist-style buffalo over the hills.Something about the scale works for me. Obviously, if the perspective were to scale, the buffalo would be about 100 feet tall or the viewer the size of an ant, but I think it's cool they way they made the buffalo the focal points.

The three remaining labels are straightforward. The Ad Astra makes a constellation out of a bird, the Wheat State Golden is a bunch of grain on a silhouette of Kansas and some sunflowers, and the Copperhead Ale is a bird (not a snake, surprisingly) with a perturbed look on his face and some hops along the bottom:

While none of them are doing anything revolutionary, I like the style, which seems to match with a plains state vibe and is consistent across the different art works.

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