April 14, 2010

Additions to the New Belgium Lips of Faith Series

There are some additions to the fine line of labels in New Belgium's Lips of Faith series.

The Belgo IPA and the Imperial Berliner Weisse both follow in the same artistic tradition as the Biere de Mars from the series, using simple images on dark backgrounds. These use a '1960s-'70s color scheme with bright, repeated images.

New Belgium has consistently excellent artwork, in everything from advertising to label art (they won Best in Show at last year's "Design Drink and Be Merry" exhibition). These are good additions to the series, though I don't know that they hold up as well as some of the earlier labels that are more pictorial. Take a look at the art for the Transatlantique Kriek:

Still simple, but it's a bit more ambitious, and manages to hold a little more visual interest. Generally, I think the Weisse is more successful, but again both succeed in delivering the ethos and continuing the visual identity of the series.

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